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KDS The East Kimberly Experts in Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Repairs & Service. KDS has been providing quality services in Kununurra and throughout the East Kimberley since 1990,
after 24 years in the business, we have grown to become the leader in our specialised services provided.

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Why Maintenance Is Important

Following an auto maintenance schedule can help keep your vehicle reliable and

maintain its resale value. Maintenance schedules are developed by each manufacturer to highlight the recommended minimum maintenance requirements for a particular model or trim level. In most cases, completing this minimum recommended maintenance is necessary to keep a vehicle’s warranty in good standing.

If, for any reason, your maintenance history does not meet or exceed the recommended minimums, you may have warranty claims denied by the manufacturer. If this happens, you may have to pay out of pocket for costly repairs. Regularly completing scheduled maintenance items like oil changes, filter changes and tune-ups can also keep your vehicle performing smoothly and getting good fuel economy.

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Car Care Video Tutorials

Tyre Pressures Off Road

This video shows some of the pros and cons when dealing with our tyre pressures. It can relate to your car, 4WD, truck trailer or caravan and is something that most of us do not do but we should. This video tutorial is a must see for the Kimberley experience.

Wet Condition Maintenance

A great tutorial on some of the basics through to slightly more involved vehicle checks that will enable a trouble free experience. You can do some of these checks yourself, however the KDS Mechanical experts will gladly complete everything your vehicle needs.

Basic Car Under Bonnet Checks

Back to the real basics here in a video designed to show that some under bonnet checks are not all that difficult to complete. Engine oil, water, washer, power steering are just some of the checks shown, and could prevent costly repairs.

Dual Battery System Setup

Dual battery systems are something that KDS Auto Electricians specialize in. When we go bush its nice to know that we always have a backup and auxiliary power to run our equipment. This video shows a basic system installation with a modern 4WD.