MTA WA Warns to be Wary Of Flood Damaged Vehicles

MTA WA Warns Consumers to Be Wary Of Flood Damaged Vehicles
January 25th, 2011
With the recent flooding disasters in Queensland, New South Whales and Victoria, thousands of flood damaged vehicles are set to hit the used car market across the country.

Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Trade Association of WA (MTA WA) Mr Stephen Moir is warning consumers to be aware when purchasing a vehicle privately, especially from interstate, that the vehicle may have flood damage.

Mr Moir stated that it is not uncommon for storm damaged vehicles to be sold interstate; consumers need to research the background of the vehicle before purchasing it. After the Brisbane floods in 2001 a lot of those cars were trucked all over the country including Perth.

“Vehicles could start to be on the market very quickly and consumers should be on the lookout for some of the tell-tale signs of water damage, such as, rubble and mud in and around the engine bay, under the dashboard and door sills, condensation in instrument dials, water inside the light fittings and a general musty smell which comes from damp carpets”. Mr Moir said.

Mr Moir has suggested if you’re buying a car privately its always advisable to have the car checked by an expert.

“Issues may not be obvious immediately but typically water damaged vehicles will have sustained damage to wiring which could be irreparable, with the most important of these being the vehicle safety such as air bags and braking systems”. Mr Moir said.

The MTA would recommend that consumers purchase a used vehicle from a licensed dealer, where they are protected with warranties, road worthiness and guaranteed ownership titles.

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